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4 Fun Bucks Party Ideas in Brisbane

Have you run out of ideas on where to go for a bucks party? When you can’t find a place to go for a fun evening with your friends, you might want to consider going out of the town for an all-boys excursion. Brisbane is an exciting metropolis that offers numerous locations for fun and merrymaking. The bucks party ideas Brisbane has to offer, are perfect for both small and large groups.

So if you want entertainment all throughout the day, then you have to check these out:

  1. Clay Bird Shooting

Do you all share a common interest in catching game? When hunting wildfowl is your favourite activity during leisure time, then clay bird shooting is an exciting and cool party idea. Although you do not have to catch wild game, you and most of the blokes will still have fun with shooting clay animals while grabbing a few rounds of beer.

  1. Paintballing and Laser Tag

Of all bucks party ideas Brisbane has to offer, paintball is the favourite of almost everyone. Not only do you get to roll on the mud, which is fun by the way, you also get to simulate shooter games and pretend to be in a real combat. This is evidently an exciting way to have fun with your friends without hurting each other. You may also choose laser as an alternative to paintball, if you prefer lesser mess.

  1. Go Kart Racing

Do you think you are the best racer in your circle of friends? Why not try setting everyone up for a Go-Kart racing event? If you want something that is exhilarating and thrilling, then race cars may bring that to all of you. Work with your team-mates at the pit stop and show off your driving skills on the track. When you want a great time and looking for the perfect activity for your bucks party, then you should try go-karting with your bucks group.

  1. Strip Club

There are thousands upon thousands of pretty women in Australia, and one great place to look for one is Brisbane. Going to adult clubs is one of the best bucks party ideas Brisbane has for you. Show the blokes and the groom the prettiest sights in the city. And let everyone enjoy a sexy revue and pole dancing show for the entire evening. This might be the usual activity for bachelors; however, going to strip clubs is still one memorable activity for you and your friends.

These party ideas are definitely fun and exciting to do. So if you are around the Brisbane area, why not start booking for one of these activities. You and your friends will not regret this when you do these for a buck’s night.