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How to Be the Consummate Patron of a Gentlemen’s Club in Fortitude Valley

What is great about strip clubs in Fortitude Valley and the rest of Brisbane and Queensland is that touching a dancer is allowed. So spending time in a gentlemen’s club in Fortitude Valley to party, relieve stress, or to simply explore the nightlife in this suburb will be much more fun than anywhere else.

Being able to touch strippers, however, does not give you the licence to be nasty and crude. You still need to respect the dancers and stay classy. If you are a consummate strip club patron, you are sure to be rewarded handsomely.

Your prize could be anywhere from a seriously mind-blowing lap dance to a VIP treatment. You might even get discounts on your drinks or a complimentary entry the next time you hit the same club.

Ways to Be the Perfect Gentleman in a Gentlemen’s Club

  • Give dancers some TLC

Forget whatever degrading preconceptions you might have about strippers and dancers and treat them like you would a co-worker. Stripping, after all, is their chosen career and they work hard for it just like you would your own job.

If you don’t want to be treated to rude comments and unwanted groping, the strippers don’t want it either.

So they dress sexy. That still doesn’t mean they’re asking to be mistreated and disrespected.

  • Maintain good manners

If your mother raised you right, the stripper and the rest of the staff will love you. Politeness and good attitude always go a long, long way.

Act high and mighty and you could be kicked out of the club without ceremony.

  • Use good judgement

Although touching is allowed in Fortitude Valley strip clubs, you should not do it without permission. Always ask or get a feel if a stripper wants to be touched.

You should also remember never to overstep your boundaries.

Seducing your way out of tipping is a huge mistake. Trying to kiss or lick them is even worse. If you ask to take a stripper out to dinner rather than tip them, be ready to see the door and to never set foot in a club again.

  • Participate

What better way to have fun and make the most of your time in a strip club than to participate? Buy a drink. Tip your dancer. If you don’t want to tip a stripper on stage, sit in the second row but buy drinks just the same.

In a strip club, you are nothing more than a source to extract money from. And there’s nothing wrong with this. So you might as well have fun while spending your money in a gentlemen’s club in Fortitude Valley.